Co-Founder @ Alias
San Francisco, CA | January 2021

Software Engineer Intern @ Facebook
Menlo Park, CA | June 2020 - August 2020

I improved the efficiency of a few of their backend network services by a smidget, which turns out to scale quite nicely when multiplied across billions of users.

President @ RiceApps
Houston, TX | August 2018 - March 2021

I lead this software development club of ~50 members to take on some cool projects.

Software Engineer Intern @ JPMorgan
Houston, TX | June 2019 - August 2019

I built data modeling tools to help them finance loans and bonds. Business-ey stuff that will dry your eyes out.

Software Engineer Intern @ Sihua Technologies
Cupertino, CA | June 2018 - August 2018

I improved their server deployment times signficantly (~70%).

Head TA and Undergraduate Researcher @ Rice University
Houston, TX | August 2019 - March 2020

I helped teach a few CS courses (head TA for Parallel Programming, and Data Science) and had a short undergrad research stint in deep learning.

Teacher @ CoderDojo
Saratoga, CA | August 2018 - July 2018

I helped teach some young kids programming.