Ape MonitorNFT portfolio manager.apemonitor.com
Web3 StarterA boilerplate for web3 dapps.web3starter.xyz
Squid ArenaSquid game on-chain.squidarena.com
AliasContent aggregator for creators.alias.co
ChordsMusical chord progression generator.trychords.com
MagicA simple Google Analytics dashboard.magic-ga.com
CourseLetterEmail course platform.courseletter.com
Launch the Damn MVPA list of historical MVP's.launchthedamnmvp.com
MatchIntelligent, autonomous match-making between heterogeneous data.match.riceapps.org
Hacker PromosPromo deals for the hacker community.hackerpromos.com
Desk TourPlatform to share your desk and the products you use.mydesktour.com
Personal WebsiteWhat you're looking at right now.jonathancai.com
What time today?Summarize your time availability in seconds.whattime.today
Artificial ArtGAN image synthesis for landscape art.github
DynaMLResearch toolkit to simulate graphs.github
FTWL WebsiteWebsite for a Houston non-profit.heroku
News SentimentSentiment analysis on news articles.github
RackrA receipt scanning and personal finance tracking iOS app.github
Hedwig 1.0An on-campus food delivery platform for Rice.github
RiceAppsStudent run software development club at Rice.riceapps.org
SER JobsRevamp SER Houston's digital application process.program website
LA Bike-Share Data AnalysisAnalysis and visualization of LA bike-share data.heroku
News VisualizationA network graph of political figures.heroku
Hangman / Length ConverterTwo silly Google Chrome extensions.chrome store
RiceSlangA Slackbot to explain popular Rice slang terms.devpost