Problems of abundance: socks, TikToks, and pet rocks

Humans are awesome. We're these less-furry apes that have made this floating rock our bitch.

We've turned the blue water, green plants, and brown rocks into skyscrapers, airplanes, WiFi, and heated toilets that spray water up your ass to clean it with just the right angle and gentle velocity so as to slightly titillate the anus.

But now that privileged first world countries have largely solved dirty asses, are there any problems left?

Well yeah, no shit (hah) there are still problems. Only now, they're a class of problems of a new kind.

After solving problems of scarcity, we now face problems of abundance.

Too much food. We eat like pigs. Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, bringing deliciously greasy foods straight to our doorsteps. Obesity is running rampant, at epidemic levels. To introduce scarcity: we intermittent fast.

Too many clothes. We cover our backs with pretentious Patagonia zip-up fleeces, keeping us comfortably warm all day. We have nice Nike socks and shoes to keep our feet cozy. We become unable to regulate our own body temperatures naturally, leading to illness and disease. To introduce scarcity: we expose our bodies to extreme heat and cold using saunas and cold showers.

Too much AC. Heaters when we're cold. Fans when we're warm. 24/7, our environment is constantly controlled. Our internal homeostasis has become externalized and commodified. Similar to above.

Too much entertainment. News is fed to our brains. Netflix shows are streamed through our phones. Drown out any anxiety-inducing, existential thoughts by stuffing your mind with TikToks perfectly designed to trigger the most hate, love, lust, laughter possible within the shortest amount of time possible. We become unable to think independently, to separate from the hive mind. Review/reaction videos to teach us how to value products. Comment sections teach us how to judge people and ideas. Our internal thought process has become externalized. To introduce scarcity: we put down our phones and meditate.

Too much intimacy. PornHub now receives more traffic than Netflix or Amazon. Why develop the social skills to speak to real human females, when PornHub and OnlyFans are always on your phone, your phone is always attached to your hand, your hand is always attached to your body, and your lotion/tissues are right there on your nightstand? We become unable to feel true connection with others, and view people as mere objects of our desire through visual perception. To introduce scarcity: we join a brotherhood of self-proclaimed astronauts.

Too many pictures of rocks on the internet. To introduce scarcity: we write and deploy a few hundred lines of code to the Ethereum block-chain to create 100 verifiably unique pointers to images of rocks, and trade them for millions of dollars worth of an also artificially scarce digital currency.

(NFTs are more accurately a solution to introduce the most important true scarce resource legitimacy to the digital world, but it's funnier to talk about it in terms of pictures of rocks. I'm just much more smooth-brain than Vitalik).