Assume you're going to win

Read an awesome blog post from swyx about meta-creators, which really got me thinking.

With the proliferation of tech twitter, comes a whole host of distractions that engineer/builder/founder types easily get trapped by. You could call them distractions, or you might call them "games".

One of the most dangerous seems to be the "audience-building" game.

The advice goes - build an audience, so that you can leverage it for career opportunities, or as distribution for your next product/project/company.

And it works!

Twitter followers and social proof builds true credibility. It can propel you into industries or careers that are otherwise difficult to enter. There are countless examples of this.

The danger is when you don't have a clear vision what you're going to leverage the audience for. It's easy to then just optimize for what will engage audiences and increase your following.

It's one of those "do x so that you can eventually do y" scenarios, where x = "build an audience" and y is relatively abstract. And whenever I can squarely something into this type of scenario, I immediately think, "why can't I just do y now??".

Swyx's last line is a great way to cut through the bullshit games that you don't really want to play

Assume you will be successful at whatever game you play. Are you playing a game you want to win?